Bulgari’s latest high jewellery collection celebrates the best of Italy

Bulgari high jewellery

Italian Beauties

If it were possible to encompass Rome’s elegance, glamour and heritage in an object, any of Bulgari creations would come close.

Colour treasures necklace

For its high jewellery collection this year, the Roman jeweller once again looks to its homeland as inspiration for a bold collection that is subdivided into three main ranges: Italian Extravaganza, Mediterranean Eden and Roman Heritage.

The first represents the country’s romance, exuberant cities and famous cuisine with large gems, unusual colour combinations and bold statement pieces. The Diva piece – a representation of the beautiful women of Italy – are a part of Italian Extravaganza, too. The second celebrates the natural beauty of Italy with floral motifs and blue gems that call to mind the hue of the Mediterranean Sea.

Magnificent inspirations necklace

Finally, Roman Heritage is a tribute to one of the world’s most important cultural capitals. Here, cabochon gems mirror the form of ancient domes, and links are made in the shape of the travertine stones that pave the roads that lead to the city.

Diva’s dream necklace


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