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The Aeveum Imperial Service Ritual by Penfolds and Saint-Louis

Imperial request

Every year Penfolds, arguably the most famous wine from Down Under, releases The Penfolds Collection, its annual family of fine wines. The 2016 collection is made up of 19 wines of five different vintages, led by the 2012 Grange. To celebrate, five very special six-litre Imperial bottles of 2012 Grange encased in custom bottles and decanters by crystal maker Saint-Louis France have been released. 

Each priced at US$185,000 (RM780,000), the decanters are hand-blown and hand-cut by artisans at Europe’s oldest crystal and glass maker. Grandoisely called the Aeveum Imperial Service Ritual, the decanter set consists of more than 1,800 meticulously applied diamond cuts. With only five on offer, it is a rarity indeed, but Penfolds aficionados can also opt for the smaller 750ml Penfolds Aeveum Crystal Decanter – a Saint-Louis crafted miniature of the Imperial – for US$2,100 (RM8,845) or, for everyday enjoyment, the standard 750ml bottle at US$690 (RM2,905).

The Penfolds Collection

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Published November 9, 2016
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