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The Ride On Electric McLaren P1 is built for kids

Child-proof driving

What we enjoy doing during our formative years goes on to shape what we enjoy in our adulthood and where we direct our disposable income. The kids aged 3 to 6 that are lucky enough to receive the Ride On Electric McLaren P1 as a present may not know the significance of the brand or its prestige – all they’ll know is that is an amazing toy to zip around in – but when they grow up to be CEOs, Presidents and royalty, they’ll remember their play time when they drop cash on the adult McLaren P1 Roadster, or whatever the prevailing model of the future is. Fully electric-powered, this toy for tots also previews McLaren’s own future direction, heading into electric territory.

But don’t dismiss it just because it’s for children. The kid-friendly version can accelerate to its maximum speed in 2 seconds, just like the grown-up version, albeit a maximum speed of 4.5 kph. With a three-speed forward transmission, reverse gear and a single centre-mounted seat like the McLaren F1, it’s a training vehicle for a future Lewis Hamilton. An MP3 player pre-loaded with nursery rhymes, working lights and a push button start round up the whole pre-pubescent package. The Ride On Electric McLaren P1 comes in the Volcano Yellow shade and sells for £375 (RM1975).


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Published November 14, 2016