Ping-pong doesn’t get any sexier than with the Avettore table

Serve’s up

Sleek and sexy are words that aren’t usually used to describe a ping-pong table table, but for 11 Raven’s limited edition Avettore, it is entirely appropriate. The American table-tennis set designers have outdone themselves with the Avettore, surpassing their previous high-mark of Nighthawk stealth bomber-inspired Stealth table. Sharp and cutting-edge, you might not need an Avettore, but you will certainly want one.

The base Avettore model is a futuristic black leather and clear Lucite model, a striking affair that plays to both ends of the colour spectrum with a proprietary scratch-and-damage-resistant melanin resin surface. But, as 11 Ravens proudly proclaims, customisation is its forte. Almost any request can be accommodated, given that 11 Ravens has worked with materials as diverse as wood, aviation-grade aluminium and carbon fibre in the past. To demonstrate its versatility, 11 Ravens has examples of the Avettore in black paired with vibrant lime green or vivid orange. And if ping-pong just isn’t your thing, worry not; the Avettore can be repurposed for billiards or poker, or more practically, a dining table.

11 Ravens Avettore

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