Making Weather is a tremendous audio speaker disguised as a fluffy cloud

Thunderbolts and lighting, very very frightening

It wanders as lonely as a cloud, casting peels of lighting and booming out thunderous sounds of…. the latest Kanye West album? Designer Richard Clarkson has outdone himself again, one-upping his Smart Cloud speaker-lamp by doing away with the ceiling wire to create Making Weather, a cloud speaker that actually levitates. No, really.

That levitation technology comes from Crealev, the brains that specialise in figuring out how to make things float, allowing Clarkson to craft a hovering cloud that rotates and bobs in a realistic way as it pumps out great-sounding audio. Occasional flashes of light, courtesy of LEDs embedded in the cloud, complete the meteorological effect.

A concept for now, Making Weather will likely enter into commercial production soon, probably in the same price range as Smart Cloud (US$3,360/RM14,800). Each will be unique, with the white polyester fibres that form the cloud hand fluffed into its own individual cumulus shape.

Richard Clarkson

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