Royal Selangor celebrates the Year of the Rooster

A royal celebration

Royal Selangor gives us something to crow about, with a 2017 Year of the Rooster collection that pays homage to the proud bird. The highlight of the collection is a limited edition Year of the Rooster plaque, engraved with a poem that welcomes the arrival of spring, prosperity and wealth over the year. Embellished in 24K gold, the plaque sees the rooster against a backdrop of lush peony flowers symbolising wealth and honour.

Also in the collection is a contemporary interpretation of the rooster bowl. Paying homage to ceramic rooster bowls popular in Southern China, this pewter-and-gold piece features the rooster surrounded by more images of wealth and prosperity – peony flowers and banana plants. A elegant set pair of gold-plated pewter rooster chopsticks rest and a rooster figurine complete the avian part of the collection. The one remaining piece is a Royal Selangor special Fu, Lu and Shou figurine set. Representing the three wise figures of luck, longevity and prosperity, the Three Stars are gold-plated and oval in shape, to represent the cycle of change and universal rhythm at the heart of Chinese culture.

Royal Selangor

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