Royal Paris makes the world’s most extravagant coffee maker

Royal Brew

Could this be the world’s most extravagant coffee maker? Designed in collaboration with French artist Jean-Luc Rieutort, Royal Paris’ Royal Coffee Maker sets the benchmark for ladies who do tea.

Like all luxuries in life, customisation options are available. Select from a base of obsidian, azurite or malachite, followed by a preferred finish, be it in 24k gold, copper or silver. You can even engrave your family crest or initials for that added touch. The set comes with a Baccarat crystal carafe and burner case, along with a matching custom made coffee scoop. Depending on how extravagant you’d like your coffeemaker to be, expect the piece to set you back between £8,000 (RM44,222) and £18,000 (RM99,500).

It’s not all just beauty though. Royal Paris pays homage to the art of coffee brewing for royalty in the 1800s by recreating the balancing siphon. This brewing method not only ensures a full flavour of the beans each time, but also means you can add your favourite spices and liquors to the ground coffee before it brews.

As each machine takes over 50 hours to hand build, just eight of these siphon marvels are handcrafted each month. For those who can’t do without their morning coffee routine, this means one thing: fastest fingers first.

Royal Paris

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