Bentley Motors introduces its new fragrance, the Momentum

A whiff of kinetic essence

After the names of its first two fragrances veered on the edge of prosaic, British motoring marque Bentley opts for a more description moniker for its third scent. Titled Bentley Momentum, this bottle joins the existing Bentley for Men and Bentley Infinity – we told you they had dull names – fragrance ranges, part of a larger movement of luxury automakers embracing the creation of a lifestyle defined by their mechanical beasts.

Available in two flavours – Momentum and Momentum Intense – both scents come off as unrepentantly masculine. In the concoction created by master perfumer Nathalie Lorson, assertiveness comes from the deeper tones of ambergris, cashmere wood, sandalwood and tonka bean, with occasional bursts of fresh sparkle from bergamot, green violet and jasmine petals. The man wearing Bentley Momentum may ooze machismo, but he is still a gentleman at heart. Momentum Intense adds more complexity to the tincture, with peppery, zesty elemi and aromatic geranium balancing out intoxicating ambery wood.

Bottled up in a flacon that looks like it could hold the finest grade of engine lubricant, the faceted rectangular grey block is actually inspired by the skyscrapers of New York City. Covered with silver-brushed metal plates on the back and front – light silver for Momentum and a darker shade for Momentum Intense – the design is stark and simple. Except for the stopper, which is rounded and embossed with Bentley’s signature knurling, capping off this velocity-inspired vial. And if you can’t get enough of that potent scent, then you’d be delighted to know that both are also available as shower gels.


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