Mizuki Goltz makes the pearls that everyone wants

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The Mizuki collection features unusually large, baroque pearls in more casual jewellery designs, such as leather-cord lariats or simple gold wire bracelets. Wearable yet stylish, these pearls are making a statement that everyone wants, and designer Mizuki Goltz can hardly keep up with the demand. We catch up with the busy American designer to see why these pearls are so hot right now.

Why big baroque pearls?
These pearls are structural and organic-shaped, and because of their large size, I can make statement pieces. Each pearl is so unique in its shape, colour, and lustre, which make each design individual. I like the way these oddly-shaped pearls appear like tumbled stones that washed up on the beach. They have a tactile quality that draws people to them, and people want to touch them.

Where do you find the pearls?
They are cultivated in and around China. They do not grow in oysters; they are cultivated in freshwater farms.

What is your take on pearls?
People have worn pearls for thousands of years, and I want to show them in a different context. These are modern designs, but not in a cold way. They exude warmth, simplicity, and feminine style. I like to contrast the tumbled-looking pearls with smooth, fluid gold or casual leather to show them in a new light – as something from nature and not so perfectly formed as in the traditional pearls.

When I moved from New York to the beach in La Jolla, California, a few years ago, I was amazed by the beauty of the shifting shoreline with the constantly moving sand, water, and rocks. I tried to capture that sense of movement in the jewellery. I found pearls that looked sculptural as though they could have washed ashore on the beach.

What should every woman have in her jewellery wardrobe?
Women need jewellery they can wear every day but still make a statement. The choker is a big trend, and we are showing the baroque pearl on a leather choker or skinny gold wire choker. The stackable bracelet trend is also important. I like to layer bracelets with a single baroque pearl, or sometimes wear one statement piece.

Mizuki Jewellery

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