Immortalising the world’s oldest whisky – Old Vatted Glenlivet 1862 – in time

Vintage supreme

Cracking open a bottle of the oldest whisky in the world need not be a bittersweet moment, where the usual fate is the inevitable bottlekill. The Whisky Watch project will ensure that at least some of the glorious libation from the Old Vatted Glenlivet 1862 will be immortalised in time — quite literally. Watchmaker Louis Moinet will encase a drop each of the whisky in a total of 50 limited edition timepieces, 40 pieces in steel and only 10 in gold. The Whisky Watch lineup joins the Spirit Watches series which includes the Rum Watch containing Harewood 1780 and the Cognac Watch which protects Gautier 1762. Wealth Solutions, responsible for these collisions between the worlds of high horology and unique alcohol, have begun to accept expressions of interest to be among the fortunate few to own a Whisky Watch.

Wealth Solutions

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