The B&O Beoplay M5 is a pint-sized audio treat

Addicted to bass

Small, but deadly. Sonically deadly.

That’s the B&O Beoplay M5 in a nutshell. At just 19cm tall with a diameter of 16cm, this unobtrusive cylinder looks harmless. That is, until it begins to pump up music, with a crunchy bass worthy of the Bang & Olufsen brand. Boom boom, shake shake the room indeed.

As a 360 speaker, the M5 radiates sound in all directions, make it perfect for an impromptu party, indoors or outdoors. Design is simple – the entire aluminium top is the device’s volume control – and surprising, wrapped with acoustically transparent wool-blend fabric provided by fellow Danish brand Kvadrat. Minimal and stylish, it fits perfectly into the sort of sparse Scandinavian interior Cecilie Manz designed it for.

Audophiles might express some reticence at the M5’s technical aspects, neither true stereo or mono. Instead, the M5 creates ‘ambient’ sound that is send out in all directions spherically. But it sounds good. Really, really good. And in the end, that’s what matters.


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