Footie Fun: The Woodward Crocodile Leather Football by Williamson

Crocodile Leather Football by Williamson

Go For Gold

Nary an eyebrow is raised at the use of exotic leathers in bags, furniture and car interiors, but this piece has caught our eye for good reason. Williamson’s Woodward gold crocodile leather football (US$6,250, RM27,140) is clad in striking gold croc skin, with calfskin used for its grip patch and laces.

You won’t be leaving this in its glass showcase stand though. Woodward is made to the official size and weight of professional American football standards, perfect for a game of footie in your backyard. Just 10 pieces are available, with the option to emboss initials and messages.

Looking for a striking colour that catches your fancy, or better yet, a football for an ostrich-leather loving friend? A variety of other skin and colour options are also available upon request.

Williamson Goods

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