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Let’s play poker with Stahl’s meteorite and diamonds chips


Saying ‘all in’ and sliding an entire stack of chips along the table in anticipation of a poker prize takes a slightly different meaning when playing with the Meteorite Set by Stahl. Studded with pieces hewn from the Muonionalusta meteorite in northern Sweden, discovered in 1906, this a set of poker chips that is about 800,000 years old.

Meteor shards aren’t the only precious material in these chips, all 120 of which are covered in 18K white gold and lined on the edges with diamonds, Burmese rubies and Sri Lankan sapphires. Five die accompany the set, each dice being made of ivory sourced from a Siberian woolly mammoth fossil. A set of playing cards, made from humbler but still high quality materials, are packed together with the dice and chips in a briefcase made of Swedish calf skin and reindeer suede. The price for all this extravagance? US$150,000 (RM659,718). The sensation when the reap the entire pile of chips on a Royal Flush? Priceless.



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Published May 23, 2017