Wake up and smell the coffee! The Royal Selangor Joe collection

Classic Cuppas

East meets West in Royal Selangor’s new coffee brewing collection, simply titled Joe. The cool industrial minimalism of pewter are married here with the warm wooden fibres of bamboo, adding a little bit of Zen into the daily perk-up. The satin sheen of the metal juxtaposes well with the dark earthy tones, hinting at the dark elixir housed within.

Anchoring the collection of four is the coffee flask. Designed to hold 350ml and fit into most standard cup holders, the brew will maintain its heat through the insulating properties of pewter and bamboo (or cold, if you like your java that way). A swivelling pewter disc built into the bamboo lid allows access to the vent hole for sipping. Completing the collection is a carafe (with a filter, brewing 450ml of coffee each time) and two canisters – for storing beans, grounds or sugar. All four are variations on the pewter-and-bamboo theme, punctuated with gradated bubbles that hint to the boiling water necessary for coffee. The bamboo parts are detachable and dishwasher safe.

Royal Selangor

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