Grand Opening – Patchi Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Sweet dreams

Shopping at Pavilion Elite just got a little sweeter with the opening of the third Patchi Malaysia boutique in Kuala Lumpur. The expansive 1,152 square foot space is filled to the brim with the colours and tastes of Patchi chocolates, from morsels of instant gratification to gift arrangements for all occasions. It is an ethos that the brand has adhered to since it began on Beirut’s Hamra Street in 1974.

The chocolate collections available at the boutique consist of 55 flavours, which can be packaged into various themed gift presentations. The Gourmandines line oozes sophistication, housing chocolates within boxes made of leather, tin or premium cardboard, which can be customised to blend in with crystal and silverware. Other popular offerings include Patchi’s bridal and baby offerings, adding delicious flavour to joyous occasions. Festive seasons will also bring new gift ideas at the store, as Patchi remains dedicated to creating exceptional chocolate experiences.

2.09.01B, Level 2
Pavilion Elite
166, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100, Kuala Lumpur

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