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The HYT H4 Neo is a tricky technical lesson in colour

let there be light

It is amazing how a simple change of colour can evoke a completely different mood. The HYT H4 Neo, for example, looks rather expected in its skeletonised structure in various shades of grey, distinguished as a HYT creation only by the green micro-fluid chamber running along the rim of the dial. Measuring a larger 51mm in diameter, it features a curved sapphire crystal and screw-down sapphire caseback. Water resistant to a depth of 50m and with a power reserve of 65 hours, it’s so far, so standard. And then you push the crown at 4.30 and the entire watch comes to life.

Concealed under the dome at 6pm are two purple LEDs. Powered by a micro-generator deriving energy from kinetic movement, the lights flood the entire dial with light. And here is where the power of colour comes in. The lights are purple, but the transparent composite dial loaded with fluorescent nano particles absorb the light, reflecting it back in deep shades of blue. Every spare milimetre of the dial – from gears to screw – gleams in the illumination, with the fluid glowing in a radioactive shade as well. Ostensibly, this feature is to allow the owner to better tell the time in low-light conditions; when really, it is an excuse to impress. And you should be impressed if you see one of these – there are only 15 pieces made, each with a price tag of US$95,000 (RM407,000).

HYT H4 Neo

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Published July 30, 2017