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Carrie Fong, director of Hedgeford and chairperson of REHDA Youth in the Aston Martin Rapide S

beautiful is… versatile

Carrie Fong, director of property developer Hedgeford and chairperson of the Real Estate Housing and Developers’ Association (REHDA) Youth, understands that versatility is important in a car, just as it is in her profession.

“I really appreciate the versatility of the Rapide S. It can cosset you in the city and navigate narrow residential areas well too and, of course, unleash its power on the highways while staying safe. This versatility is an important quality in my industry because we deal with many different kinds of people – internal management, consultants, customers – before they purchase the product and again during aftersales.”

“Versatility matters in your communication, in staying calm in the event of a crisis. When I switched from advertising to property development with Glomac – which was undergoing a branding and positioning change – I worked with many of the departments which gave me a deeper understanding of how important communication was to break down barriers.”

“We have to take on many mantles on a daily basis. It is crucial to apply yourself well because of all the people that you need to engage. This leads to producing the best results, those that are fruitful for the business.”

“I love cars. I love the feel of them. I suppose it centres on comfort and how responsive the car is. I relish feeling the ground beneath me and the stability the car offers especially when taking corners. I also appreciate how responsive a car is to your inputs, whether through the pedals or the steering. And the Aston Martin Rapide S satisfies all of this."

Aston Martin Rapide S; 6.0-litre V12, 552bhp, top speed of 327km/hr, 0-100km/hr in 4.4 seconds. Starts from RM2.1 million.

Photography: Eric Chow/ Blink Studio
Hair & Make-up: Joey Yap
Shot on location: REHDA HQ

Aston Martin

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Published August 1, 2017