Andreas Strehler’s latest masterpieces – the Sauterelle à Heure Mondiale

Time after time

Building on the success of Sauterelle (which is French for grasshopper) that Andreas Strehler unveiled in 2013 featuring a constant force mechanism of his own design, we’ve been presented with the latest in the line’s evolution — the Sauterelle à Heure Mondiale (CHF125,000/RM557,000). This slightly more artistic take on the popular world time complication uses a subdial on the movement side of the watch to assist in setting local time.

On the dial side, a small map of the northern hemisphere shows where on earth it’s day or night, while time zones are indicated on the back of the watch. Those drawn to more accurately legible world time complications could opt for the Ref. 5930 World Time Chronograph from Patek Philippe,  but you don’t buy one of Andreas’ creations just to tell time.

Andreas Strehler’s name may not sound familiar, but odds are that you’ve seen his work. He was responsible for creating the Harry Winston Opus 7, H. Moser & Cie.’s Perpetual Calendar calibre and he collaborated on the creation of the Chapter 3 by Maîtres du Temps with Kari Voutilainen. These days, he balances his time between contracted endeavours with other brands and designing and building his own small line of watches.

Producing a mere 10 pieces a year (as time permits), watches by Andreas Strehler are incredibly scarce, though those in the know will be quick to recognise the trademark oval case shape and other fine details that set these stunning pieces apart from the rest.

Andreas Strehler

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