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Jewellery trends to keep your eye on – Scent Bottles

In addition to their ability to appeal to the physical senses, jewellery and scents share a more abstract yet equally potent quality: their precious appeal to our emotions. In the same way jewellery can act as a reminder of someone or something, a favorite scent — whether it be your own or that of a loved one — can instantly transport you back to a specific moment in time. The ancient tradition of wearing that scent in a precious bottle slung around your neck has been revived in the modern jewels have featured here.


1. Diane Kordas

Diane Kordas’ jewellery is always effortless and easy to wear, and her sexy Amulette collection of gold, onyx and diamond pavé scent bottles has been a sell-out ever since its launch last year. “I always wanted to design a collection which encapsulated something very personal, something very close to the heart and after some research on scent, I decided to design a line of perfume amulets," says the London-based designer. With scent being such a strong communicator, what better way to personalise a piece of jewellery?

Diane Kordas

2. Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche always creates jewellery with the needs of her dedicated JA Tribe followers in mind. Aiche’s new potion bottles are created from spiritually potent stones — in this case, lapis for creative expression and turquoise for its healing properties — which get an added boost once they contain the wearer’s preferred aromatherapy oil. “I want my girls to continue their spiritual journey with this collection," says Los Angeles-based designer. “Similar to the energy of precious stones, aromatherapy acts simultaneously on the mind, body and spirit to enhance your health and restore balance. Now you can pick the gemstone you need and fill it with the perfect potion to hold close to your heart."

Jacquie Aiche

3. Buddha Mama

Life at Eastern-inspired jewellery line Buddha Mama is a family affair. Designer Dakota Badia, daughter of founder Nancy, was inspired to create this lucky pendant by childhood memories of her mother and grandmother. “They had funky atomisers on their vanities when I was growing up, and I was always intrigued by these little treasures," says Badia. A lover of perfume herself, she created a scent bottle in a 144-carat cacholong opal decorated with enamelled, diamond-set lucky symbols, which include a dream catcher, four leaf clover and horseshoe. Once it contains your lucky perfume as well, you’ll be unstoppable.

Buddha Mama

4. John Rubel

When Sophie Rubel decided to revive John Rubel, the family brand made famous by her great-uncles, she wanted to pay homage to the century-old Parisian jeweller’s heritage. The miniature perfume flask was initially created in 1945, and is one of Rubel’s most iconic designs. Whereas the original was designed to be tucked into a lady’s evening bag, Sophie has brought the design up to date by making her pretty, Akoya pearl-topped flask wearable as a piece of jewellery.

John Rubel

5. Melie

Turkish designer Melike Kapıcıoglu was inspired to create her Scent of Love collection by the ‘The Ring of the Dove’, an ancient treatise on love by 11th-century Turkish writer, Ibn Hazm. The scent of a loved one inside the brushed 18-karat gold vial is embraced by a serpent whose eyes of ruby symbolise eternal passion.


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Published September 12, 2017