Mercedes-AMG’s Project One hypercar is a tantalising Formula One trickle-down.

Statement of intent

Mercedes-Benz’s claim of bringing F1 technology to the road in the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar starts at the heart: a 1.6-litre turbocharged hybrid V6 exactly like that used in the two cars piloted by Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. Here, the power unit has a lower rev limit of 11,000 rpm to take RON 98 fuel at the pumps, with output stated to be over 1,000hp. As such, while it boasts a 25km all-electric range, Project One will go from zero to 200km/h in under six seconds, easily bypassing 350km/h at the top end.

Features such as the frontal air intakes are perhaps about the only hints at any sort of AMG road car family ties. Further back in the history books however, the seminal Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR from two decades ago contributes its roof scoop and breathtaking air-sculpted proportions.

Inside, one finds not so much a steering wheel as a motorsport-style rectangular helm. The spartan cockpit’s only distractions are twin 10-inch displays — one seeing duty as an instrument cluster while the other is mounted centrally for use as the COMAND infotainment interface.

At time of launch at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, all 275 units of the Project One have been reportedly spoken for with at least one confirmed booking from Malaysia.


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