Nespresso makes this a season to be full of joy and candied coffee

sweet tooth

Colour is quite important to Nespresso; it’s the brand’s way of differentiating between its many different flavours. For the festive season, Nespresso is bumping the vibrance and saturation sliders up several notches for its Limited Edition Festive Variations Confetto Collection.

Inspired by traditional candies and childhood treats, Australian artists Craig & Karl have adopted a whimsical, almost carnival-like design for the special Confetto Snowball, Liquorice, Orangette, Banana, Peppermint Cane and Cherry capsules. The flavours inside, with their candy overtures, are triggers for pleasant childhood memories. To add to the festive cheer, Craig & Karl have also designed a limited edition collection of mugs and cups, emblazoned with the same neon-like joy the season evokes.

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