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FiftySevenEast – A luxurious new development in a vibrant part of London

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Over in Dalston, the cladding on FiftySevenEast has just come off. Revealed for the first time is Taylor Wimpey Central London’s collection of 83 apartments housed within an arresting 15-storey curved structure that gleams in a rare spot of London sunshine. Considered one of the new coolest places in London to live, Dalston has graduated from the grimness that characterised much of London’s East End in the 1980s and 90s, in a regeneration drive that swept north from Shoreditch and Hoxton. Immigration from Jamaica, Turkey, Vietnam and Poland, in particular, gave this area a vibrant identity, with the creative types re-discovering Dalston in the early 2000s and the run-up to the 2012 London Olympics giving it another boost. Facets of these still remain along Kingsland High Street- multiculturalism mixed with urban edge – so it seems fitting that FiftySevenEast sits equidistance from a Nigerian butcher and a cutting-edge fashion boutique.

Gentrification can be a double-edged sword, but TWCL has taken pains to ensure that a little bit of authentic Dalston remains in its new building. Just as you enter, a splashy graffiti-inspired wall mural greets you – contributed by mononym local artist ‘Jason’ as ‘an enduring symbol of the area’s creative energy.’ The anterior portion of the structure contains public housing (with a separate entrance), fulfilling a responsibility to provide for the local community, which allowed TWCL to build the thoroughly luxurious posterior tower that houses the private apartments.

Sleek, smart and anchored by a fifth-floor roof terrace, architects Jestico + Whiles took pains to create a building that captured the essence of Dalston as an ever-changing area. The facade has a lustrous quality that takes on a different character over the course of a day, moving from bronze to gold. That quality ensures that sight works both ways, with Dalstoners on the street having their eyes drawn to FiftySevenEast just as residents in the tower block look out towards uninterrupted views of London. Two units on the fifth floor are blessed with large outdoor terraces, while at the very top, the six tower suites provide awe-inspiring views, from both a wraparound balcony and private roof terraces.

While interiors are always personal, the FiftySevenEast show apartment has some suggestions, nudging prospective buyers towards cool designs with colour and – dare we say – funk to match the neighbourhood. Layouts are smart, simultaneously allowing for an open living space and privacy when needed. The apartments are little bubbles of calm in a buzzing neighbourhood. When you do decide to venture out, there is the concierge service to offer suggestions, or you can explore Dalston’s nooks and crannies on your own – discovering secret shopping gems, cuisine and languages spanning the seven seas, and incredible nightlife. Hoxton and Shoreditch are a short ride away – as is the City, straight down Kingsland Road – while the Dalston Kingsland Overground station right next door to FiftySevenEast can whisk you away to rest of London.

Units at FiftySevenEast start at £475,000, with a choice of 1-,2- and 3-bedroom apartments. Available units (and prices) can be viewed at the link.


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Published December 12, 2017