Kirin Ichiban and The Table, Isetan presents an evening of Japanese cuisine and culture

first press

Kirin Ichiban is a stalwart of Japanese beer. Its unique ‘First Press’ brewing method results in a crisp and pure taste with no bitterness — the sort of drink that is the perfect companion to food. Kirin Ichiban showcased these qualities during An Exquisite Taste of Japan, an event organised in collaboration with The Table, Isetan The Japan Store at Lot 10.

The food in question came from the six premium restaurants of The Table, each a specialist of a particular facet of Japanese cuisine. Guests were invited to speed-date each of the restaurants, with one or two courses from each. The carefully curated winter menu had plenty of seafood, such as the grilled yellowtail at Touan — rich and delicate at the same time — or the deep-fried scallop at tonkatsu restaurant Anzu — breadcrumbs crisped to perfection on the outside, with a soft sashimi-like centre.

At Toraji, diners could grill their own cuts of A5-grade wagyu to their own liking. In the meantime, entertainment was provided by traditional musicians and dancers, lending a uniquely Japanese cultural atmosphere. A master calligrapher was also at hand to provide personalised souvenirs.

And, of course, the Kirin Ichiban was flowing freely. The smooth yet refreshing and malty taste was easy-going but flavourful, and was the perfect palate-cleanser between each course. For something extra special, one could opt for the frozen version — this included a generous dollop of icy foam on top, which keeps the beer extra cold and extra satisfying.

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