Introducing the House of Krug’s most recent vintage: Krug 2004

A fine vintage

Over 12 years after it entered Krug’s cellars, House of Krug releases its most recent Vintage: Krug 2004. Each Krug Vintage is crafted to express the unique character of a particular year captured by Krug. With harmonious tension and elegant radiance, Krug 2004 reveals the vibrant story of a fresh year; this very balanced champagne combines delicacy and bountiful citrus of all types with a shining structure.

Paying close attention to every vineyard’s character, respecting the individuality of each plot and its wine allowed Eric Lebel, the Cellar Master from House of Krug to identify the music of the year. He brought it to life by creating a composition marked by elegance and bountiful citrus in which the Chardonnays (39%) enjoy a very balanced dialogue with the Pinot Noirs (37%), combined with the vivacity, tension and citrus notes of Meunier (24%).

On the nose, Krug 2004’s expressive bouquet of ginger, candied citrus and quince is followed by richer notes evoking lemon meringue tart, plum and mirabelle. On the palate, light notes of brioche and honey give way to an array of fresh citrus, including oranges, lemons and mandarins, enhanced by a very elegant finish.

Lebel says, “With its delicacy, harmony and bountiful citrus of all types, Krug 2004 evokes the sensations of early summer mornings in Champagne. Its combination of radiant generosity and crisp precision led us to name it Luminous Freshness”


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