The Giya G1 Spirit by Vivid Audio Delivers Massive Bass with its Redesigned Woofers

Giya G1 Spirit by Vivid Audio

Divine Spirit

A new addition to the growing ranks of six-figure loudspeakers is the Vivid Audio Giya G1 Spirit, priced at US$102,000 (RM405,700) for any single-tone paint finish (US$93,000, RM 370,000 in pearl white or piano black).

The Spirit evolved from the Giya G1, which debuted in 2008 and turned the audiophile community on its collective ear with an organic form in service of state-of-the-art sound.

The neutral sonic signature of the Giya G1 Spirit begins with a cabinet made of fibre-reinforced plastic resin that is much lighter and stiffer than conventional cabinets and shaped to eliminate resonances and distortion artefacts.

Each speaker stands 160cm tall, weighs 86kg and employs five all-new drivers — hand-built at the Vivid factory in South Africa — that reproduce every delicate nuance of recordings. Together they create a huge and lifelike sound stage without any strain or distortion, even at extremely high volumes.

The Spirit presents an easy amplifier load, but each woofer handles 1,600 watts on peaks and sings when powered by one of the big amps that are typically matched with a loudspeaker of this calibre.

Vivid Audio

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