The Bandit9 Odyssey is futuristic artwork in motorcycle format

art in the machine

Vietnam-based motorcycle custom shop Bandit9 unashamedly draws inspiration from science fiction and comic books. Its signature black and chrome, industrial and futuristic aesthetic has drawn attention from collectors around the globe, including that of art museums.

The Odyssey is their latest flagship model, and is one of their boldest designs yet. Its most striking feature is the distinctive unibody design, made out of 904L steel. It conceals the usual exposed workings of a motorcycle, and exudes a solid, but aerodynamic demeanour while somewhat resembling an aircraft fuselage.

Underneath the Italian leather cover, the seat is made out of memory foam. It is powered by a choice of either a 1400cc V-twin engine or a dual-drive electric engine. Instrumentation is provided by a see-through LED display that is invisible when turned off.

The Odyssey, like everything else from Bandit9, is a bespoke piece that can be modified to fit its user’s requirements. Everything is hand-made to the most precise measurements. The Odyssey will be limited to just nine pieces.


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