Harry Winston weaves a flawless Legacy with its latest collection

Harry Winston Legacy high jewellery collection

Diamonds are forever

It took Harry Winston three years to create the Legacy collection and the reason for that is the sheer unparalleled quality of every single stone used in the pieces. Fitting, considering that the collection is named after the legendary Winston Legacy, a pear-shaped D colour flawless diamond of 101.73 carats that the house acquired at a Christie’s auction in 2013.

The Legacy high jewellery collection is made up exclusively of pear- or marquise-shaped diamonds, all of them D colour and internally flawless. Indeed, to find one stone of this quality is a rare event; to gather an entire collection with this quality rating is near unheard of, which is why it took Harry Winston so long to unveil the pieces.

A total of five jewellery sets, called suites, have been crafted, each one destined for the truest jewellery collectors, and all of them heart-stoppingly gorgeous.

Harry Winston

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