The Vanguard Backswing by Franck Muller helps you track your golfing prowess

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In the world of haute horlogerie, Franck Muller watches are known to be one of the finest and most complicated. The steel-titanium body of the Vanguard Backswing, the brand’s first golf watch (RM47,429), portrays the dimpled-surface of a golf ball done by a meticulously-programmed CNC machine. “In detail, there are over 200 dimple holes on the body, and the case is polished by hand,” says Nicholas Rudaz, the brand’s Chief Operating Officer.

This aesthetically striking model comes in three colours: black, white or yellow. “The yellow version takes inspiration from the yellow-coloured golf ball that’s commonly used during winter for better visibility.”

Like all Vanguard models, selected parts used in the movement are curved, reinforced and re-engineered to complement the Backswing’s dial and profile. For surroundings with low light, the Superluminova-coated hands glow in the dark to keep track of time.

The backswing counter in the middle, coupled with a ‘Score’ and ‘Reset’ button on the side, enable golfers to measure the performance completed on each swing. Durability is also improved by the use of a silicone ring to bolster shock and vibrations. “Our engineers have tested the Backswing rigorously and, to date, it has proven to withstand the various forces generated during a golf swing.” says Rudaz.

“When we first presented the Vanguard Backswing in 2016, the response was fantastic. But with it being our very first golf watch, we gathered valuable feedback to ensure it’s practical during a golf game, or for casual use. Our clients will travel the world to play golf, and the Vanguard Backswing is designed to complement their favourite sport.”

Franck Muller

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