TWG’s new rose-inspired tea collection brings out the romance

Say it with flowers

Roses are obligatory for Valentine’s Day, but the foodie gift of choice doesn’t have to be chocolates. Instead, you can surprise your significant other with a rose-themed breakfast by TWG Tea.

Amour de The (RM119) is an elegant Darjeeling tea blended with rose blossoms and packaged in a blush pink and gold caviar tin gift box. Mon Amour Tea (RM119) is a rich, black tea with sweet quince notes, is inspired by the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, who is associated with the fruit.

The Rose collection also includes Breakfast Queen, Crimson Hill, Crystal Water, Eternal Summer, Festive Night, Golden Rose, Imperial Rose, Magic Charm, Morning Mist, Mon Amour, Rose Boudoir, Rose Zephyr, Silk Water and Snow Mountain Teas. Accompany the drink with rose-coloured macarons (from RM35), whose centres are infused with Bain de Roses Tea, a Darjeeling blended with roses and hints of vanilla. Serve this most romantic of breakfasts in his-and-hers Rose and Turquoise TWG Tea Glamour teapots (from RM740) with matching tea bowls (from RM260).

For a cosy evening a deux, a Bain de Roses tea-scented candle (RM260) will seal the romantic ambience of your stay-at-home date.


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