Sotheby’s Diamonds unveils the rarest white diamond ever to come to market

white light

If you’re under pressure to find an original and outstanding Valentine’s Day gift on (very) short notice, Sotheby’s Diamonds has the perfect solution: an extraordinarily rare 102.34-carat white diamond of exceptional cut, colour and clarity. Cut and polished from a 425-carat rough stone mined by De Beers in Bostwana, it took six intense months for Diacore’s most experienced artisans in Johannesburg and New York to give light and life to the diamond.

As well as being the only known round brilliant-cut diamond over 100 carats, it is the largest, round D colour (the highest grade possible for a white diamond) flawless diamond known to man, making it a masterpiece of nature. The stone belongs to the rare subgroup, Type IIa, making it one of the most chemically pure types of diamonds with incredible optical transparency, and putting it on par with the famous Cullinan I and Koh-i- noor diamonds.

To celebrate the first anniversary of their New Bond Street salon, the stone is available for private purchase through Sotheby’s Diamonds (price upon application). Perhaps the only problem now is how you’ll top this particular gift next year – but such are the perils of selecting a diamond like this one.


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