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Amanjiwo in Central Java is a soulful encounter next to the ancient Borobudur

Emerald escape

The drive to Amanjiwo takes you through the rice plains of Central Java, through bamboo forests, rustic landscapes and the awe-inspiring UNESCO-protected Borobudur, replete with its ancient stupas erected over a millennia ago. This exposition to the arrival informs you of a journey quite unlike any other, before you finally show up at the grandiose reception, to be greeted by name. Just behind of the reception, the sprawling Borobudur sits in contemplative repose, a surreal backdrop to the start of your journey at Amanjiwo.

Amidst the lush and rugged landscape in Magelang, Amanjiwo becomes its tranquil counterpoint, with its temple-like aesthetics and faultless service undoubtedly its high points. Members of staff instinctively know how to address your needs without second guessing; service is detailed with careful attention to preferences. A picnic excursion through an estate where two rivers meet in a confluence included a thoughtful guide who would approach when you beckoned, but otherwise observe your privacy by maintaining a respectful distance.

Here, a total of 36 freestanding suites include the 1,200 square metre Dalem Jiwo Suite with its own wraparound terrace, private compound for dining, lounging and a private 15-metre pool. The restaurant, bar and terrace fans out to the arresting scenery of Borobudur and serves ingredients harvested from the chef’s garden and local farms. The landscape’s enigma also draws a revolving roster of artists and photographers to Amanjiwo who hold regular exhibitions in the art room while excursions to nearby temples and cultural attractions deepen that heartfelt serenity which this beautiful place confers on the visitor.



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Published February 22, 2018