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The best travel destinations from the hottest television shows

Location is every bit as important in setting the mood for a television show as it is in real estate. It’s with this in mind that the luxury and adventure tour operator Black Tomato is offering guests the chance to step behind the screen and enter their once-in-a-lifetime Set Jetting experience. Tour the sweeping green hills and glacier-filled lands of Game of Thrones, the lush woodlands of Twin Peaks, the historic streets of the Vatican in The Young Pope, and so much more.

1. Westworld


Experience the wild west brought so vividly to life in Westworld – sans murderous Hosts and the array of guests with highly questionable morals – with Black Tomato’s luxe road trip through the American Southwest. The  11-day journey journey (from US$7,540 per person) kicks off in Denver, before heading to Moab, Utah – where the series’ pilot episode was filmed – where guests get a bird’s eye view of the national park from a private fixed-wing Cessna. The caravan then winds its way to Canyon Point for a stay at the airy Amangiri, hot air balloon rides over Lake Powell, and hiking through Zion. The trip wraps up in Los Angeles with a visit to Sweetwater – located in Melody Ranch Picture Studios on the outskirts of the city – and a horseback ride through Paramount Ranch, where the climax of the season one finale was filmed.

2. Game of Thrones

Ireland and Iceland

Ireland and Iceland play host to some of Game of Thrones’ most chilling moments, and on this exclusive trip from Black Tomato, guests will have the opportunity to explore the spectacular scenery that the HBO-series has become renowned for. Privately guided by an official Game of Thrones location scout, guests will travel to the wildlings territory North of the Wall and hike on the otherworldly terrain of the Svínafellsjökull glacier tongue. Then, guests will take a Zodiac boating tour of the glacial lagoon Jökulsárlón, along with season four highlights in the Þjórsárdalur valley – beware the occasional white walker.

The trip also features stops South of the Wall at the Stark’s stronghold of Winterfell and the gloomy Iron Islands, where the misty shores of Ireland breathe life into Melisandre’s haunting adage, “the night is dark and full of terrors." Retreat to the warmth and comfort of the five-star Loughe Eske Castle in northwest Ireland for some well-deserved pampering at the Luxury Spa Eskcape or partake in private archery lessons. The Set Jetting experience is priced from US$9,750 per person for eight-nights.

3. Twin Peaks

Snoqualmie, Washington, USA

Hankering for a damn good cup of coffee, a slice of cherry pie and a trip down memory lane? Black Tomato’s Twin Peaks experience gives fans of David Lynch’s cult ’90s TV program (recently brought back for a third season on Showtime) the chance to visit the Washington state locales that inspired the show’s namesake town.

Guests begin their journey in Seattle, where they will take in the local attractions before venturing out to the wooded countryside of the Pacific Northwest (taking extra care to “smell those Douglas firs" along the way) in a complimentary car. Eventually, they will arrive in Snoqualmie, the filming location for many of the show’s exterior shots, and check in at the Salish Lodge & Spa, better known to fans of the show as the Great Northern Hotel, where FBI agent Dale Cooper stayed during his investigation into the murder of Laura Palmer. While in town, guests can visit the locations of the Double R Diner, Twin Peaks High School and the Sheriff’s Station, as well as participate in outdoor activities like fishing and hiking.

Guests will finish their trip with a visit to Yakima Wine Valley and Olympic National Park before heading back to Seattle to cap the adventure with a romantic helicopter flight over the city. Available all year round, the eight-night trip is priced at US$4,219 per person.

4. The Young Pope


Get unparalleled access to the exclusive and dramatic world of Jude Law’s Pope Pius XIII with Black Tomato’s extravagant nine-day Italian itinerary. The journey through the gilt backdrop of The Young Pope begins in Rome with a stay at the opulent Hotel de Russie. After strolling through Villa Medici (one of the pope’s favourite haunts), guests will be treated to a private tour of the Vatican Museum.

A private guide will lead them through the Raphael Rooms and St. Peters Basilica, allowing them to experience the grandeur of the Vatican without the crowds. From there, guest will take a private jet to Verona before wrapping up the trip with a visit to the Venice Biennale and dinner at the Michelin-starred Venissa restaurant.

5. The Crown

United Kingdom

Has Netflix’s dramatic series The Crown (which chronicles the rise and reign of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II) left you longing to live like a member of the Royal family? If so, Black Tomato’s England and Scotland itinerary itinerary will make you feel like you rule the kingdom – if only for nine days.

The trip starts in London, where travellers will embark on private tours of St. James Palace, Buckingham Palace, and Kensington Palace and visit shops on Savile Row which have been given the Royal Warrant. A trip along the River Thames, a road trip to North Norfolk in a classic British car, and a stop at Hampton Court (the former home of King Henry VIII) help round out the London line-up. In Scotland, travellers will get to stay in Gleneagles and explore estates featured on the hit show, as well as try their hand at Royal pursuits like archery and shooting.

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Published February 22, 2018