Magico’s M3 speakers will please the most demanding audiophiles

the sound of magic

A few years ago, Magico released its M Project speakers, exclusive in more ways than one. It w as a bit of a concept product, meant to push boundaries and showcase the best of the brand, and was produced in a limited run of just 50 pairs. It was also priced at US$129,000 (RM505,000).

Those not part of the lucky 50 will be pleased to hear about the Magico M3. It is not quite a  direct successor to the M Project, but can be thought of as a spinoff that keeps many of the qualities that made the M Project so special. The diamond-coated beryllium tweeter is back, for one. Graphene has returned, as well, this time in the form of a six-inch midrange driver and three seven-inch bass drivers. Magico is, in fact, the world’s first manufacturer to utilise graphene in the development of loudspeaker cones. The result is sound reproduction of astonishingly low distortion and incredible accuracy.

The M3 speakers are priced at a slightly more modest US$75,000 (RM293,000) per pair — and unlike the M Project, it is not a limited edition.


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