The new Burberry Belt Bag collection takes inspiration from the iconic trench

Burberry Belt Bag Collection

 coordinating the perfect bag is now a breeze

Think Burberry and ankle-length gabardine trench coats immediately spring to mind. In fact, two iconic attributes of the Burberry trench, the belt and the buckle, take centre stage this season through the Belt Bag collection.

The Belt Bag range of medium and large trench-inspired bags are dyed in 11 colours, with two and tri-tone combinations available on certain models. Each style is equipped with a tonal belt and an additional belt in a contrasting colour, which means that coordinating the perfect bag with an ensemble will be less of a tough call to make. Crafted from soft yet durable calf leather, each Belt Bag is dyed twice to develop a rich, intense colour with its edges painstakingly hand-painted.

Come May, the series will be available in a small size with the addition of a clutch that comes in two sizes, medium and large.



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