The Marshall MID ANC headphones now come with active noise-cancelling

time to rock out with these cutting-edge new headphones

One of the perennial, recurring images throughout the history of rock music is the Marshall guitar amplifier, often seen as a wall of speaker cabinets behind the lead guitarist in the midst of an ear-splitting solo. The expensive and unwieldy (and loud) amps has been the unattainable dream for many a budding bedroom musician. Marshall’s more recent line of personal headphones, however, were a much more accessible and justifiable way of tapping into decades of rock history.

The latest of these is the MID ANC (US$269/RM1,080). Before you ask, yes — it’s swathed in black vinyl, and it has the unmistakable Marshall script logo on the ear-cups. And yes — it’s got a curly cord. These important details aside, it is also a full-featured modern set of cans, with wireless Bluetooth capability (again, though — curly cord!), and full smartphone functionality. It is also the first of the Marshall headphones to have active noise-cancelling capability, which is rarely seen on on-ear (as opposed to over-ear) headphones. This does mean that the MID ANC is reasonably compact, especially since it is collapsible and comes with its own travel case. All in all, these are just the headphones with which to tune out the world and turn up the Hendrix.

Marshall Headphones

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