The artistic Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon

louis vuitton’s latest timepiece is a mysterious beauty

Louis Vuitton is an iconic name in many ways — but when it comes to watches, it is sadly and often overlooked. This despite the brand dabbling in some pretty high-level horology in the past — such as a minute repeater with an in-house movement—and a core range, the Tambour, full of colourful and distinctive designs that have an assured and modern flair not often seen in the watch world.

And then there are the really special ones, such as the Tambour Moon Mysterieuse Flying Tourbillon. This is Louis Vuitton’s take on the ‘mystery’ watches of the old, and certainly will not disappoint in this regard. The vertically-arranged movement is mounted on clear sapphire discs that make it appear to float in the middle of the transparent dial, apparently unburdened by even a winding stem. The watch has a clinical aesthetic, with the 45mm platinum case offset by a black dial and strap, with just a hint of colour from the jewels and other metals from the movement. A flower motif over the barrel assembly adds a hint of soft elegance, completing the demeanour of beauty and wonder.

Louis Vuitton

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