Streamlining your skincare products with Codage and Verso

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French brand Codage and Swedish-based Verso will help you clear your beauty junkyard

How many bottles of skincare does one face needs? If you are a skincare junkie, “countless” would likely be the answer, and it would be followed by an enthused explanation of why the three different sunblocks, five different moisturisers, the entire ultra-comprehensive anti-aging range, and the 10 night creams cluttering the vanity are all so very necessary.

That “the Koreans have a 10-step skincare regimen and it works because their actresses glow” does not constitute a valid explanation. I suggest listening to the Europeans instead.

French brand Codage and Swedish science-based label Verso create high potency skincare, thus reducing the need to apply multiple products in the hope that each will make up for the shortcomings of the others.

Verso’s Secret: Retinol

Verso embodies the less-is-more philosophy perfectly by focusing on a single ingredient: retinol. For the uninitiated, retinol is a derivative of vitamin A, and is probably the one ingredient in skincare that has been backed by science to be effective against the signs of aging.

While retinol has been used in skincare for a long time and its efficacy is old news, Verso takes it one step further with Retinol 8, so named because it is a patented version that gives eight times the potency without the side-effects commonly associated with using conventional retinol. This means enjoying improved collagen production, a more even skin tone, and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles without suffering redness, irritation, and sensitivity to UV rays.

Find this power ingredient in a higher dose in the No. 4 Verso Super Facial Serum, which promises long term anti-aging effects. Another intriguing product is the No. 8 Verso Intense Facial Mask, which claims to provide up to 30 hours of hydration with just 20 minutes of use.

Codage’s Specialty: Serums

Most noteworthy is MyCodage, its range of custom-formulated serums that are made-to-order based on every client’s specific needs. The starting point of your bespoke potion is a consultation with one of its in-house experts, but for those unable to visit its boutique in Paris, Codage offers a quick 23-question diagnosis on its website comprising questions from different specialists, including a pharmacist, a dematologist, and a nutritionist.

Complete the questionnaire, submit it, and your bottle of miracle will be on its way to you in a weeks’ time. For that added touch of personalisation, the bottle will even come engraved with your initials.

For the unrepentant junkie who simply must have multiple products, try the serums from Codage’s Pret-a-porter range. Numbered one to seven, each serum targets a specific problem so customers may choose to buy as many (or as few) bottles of serum as they need depending on how many skin concerns they have.

Someone with dry skin who’s also suffering from fine lines, for example, may choose Serum One, which fights shine and imperfections as well as Serum Five, which is the anti-aging formula. All the serums in this range can be mixed and matched and used in combination with one another or alone so it’s still a rather customised experience.


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