Tom Dixon takes marble to the next level with his ROCK collection

the british designer describes his new collection as ‘architecture for your dining table’

Maverick British designer Tom Dixon’s love of marble as a medium is readily evident in his latest collection, Rock, a suite of sensually sculpted forest green “artifacts” for the home, which he is unveiling this fall.

The minimalist works crafted from Indian marble include candle holders that can be configured to create what Dixon refers to as “domestic sculptural interventions,” as well as grooved chopping boards and serving platters to enliven your countertop or banqueting table and provide presentation-worthy plinths for this season’s freshest produce. “The inspiration behind Rock was to create interactive, playful, and stackable sculptures, which act as architecture for your dining table,” Dixon says, adding that, “Rock displays the natural and uniquely solid materiality that is synonymous with our brand.”

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