Defend the universe from all threats with the new LEGO Voltron set

The RM848.90 set has a staggering 2,321 pieces, the largest buildable LEGO Mech set to-date

Put down that controller and start building. The LEGO Voltron set – brainchild of Malaysia-based Leandro Tayag – is now ready to fly off the shelves from LEGO Certified Stores and LEGOLAND.

Leandro, a 42-year-old software architect who has been a fan of super robots since his childhood, submitted his LEGO Voltron design to LEGO Ideas in 2016. LEGO Ideas, which began in 2008, is an online program for fans of LEGO to submit their own ideas for LEGO sets. Upon submission, the LEGO Ideas community vote for their favourite designs. Ideas that amass a minimum of 10,000 votes from the community are then moved on to a strict review process. It is at this point that the LEGO review board approves or rejects submissions. Since its inception, only 21 LEGO Ideas have been produced, like the Delorean Time Machine from Back To The Future and the Ghostbusters Ecto-1.

Voltron was a hit anime series in the 80s which was about five space cadets who were called upon to defend the universe by piloting flying mechanical lions, which – when combined – formed the power- packed Voltron. The set offers the options of building the Black, Yellow, Green, Red and Blue lions individually, or combining them to form the iconic Voltron. When fully formed, the Voltron set stands at 15 inches (38cm), bearing its armaments of a sword and shield.

LEGO is hosting a signing event where fans can get their LEGO Voltron sets signed by Leandro Tayag.
Date: August 5 (Sunday), 2018
Time: 11.30am – 6.00pm
Venue: Lego Certified Store (LCS), Lot 6.102, Level 6 Pavilion Elite Kuala Lumpur

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