The new Amouage Imitation Man brings an urban scent to the mix

Empire State of Mind

The latest iteration of Amouage recalls New York City of the ‘70s. The raison d’etre for this particular scent, is inspired by the brand’s creative director Christopher Chong’s childhood memories of a city filled with neon, graffiti and cultures. “Imitation is a personal account born from my memory as a child; seeing snow for the first time, exploring a city full of tension and displacement.” Hence, the intermingled Latin and Asian cultures from the Lower East Side, with its attendant colours and smells, become the palette upon which Chong weaves his olfactory tapestry.

That ‘70s air of freedom, as it smells to Chong, is recreated with chypre and leather while cedrat and a mysterious mix of spices usher visions of the proverbial melting pot which the Big Apple is so renowned for. Violet and orris then brings in the disco, while myrrh and patchouli are the scented representation of the city’s creative, artistic communities. Imitation Man (RM1,145 for 100ml EDP), is contained in a crystal bottle reverberating with the sheer energy of the city which famously never sleeps; through colourful, abstract expressions. A ladies version, the Imitation Woman (RM1,190 for 100ml EDP) is also available.


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