The Sun-kissed Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui is What The Doctor Ordered

tucked away in quiet corner of Koh samui, koh samui’s most glamourous resort gets in you into the coconut groove

As a Four Seasons lobby goes, this feels surprisingly modest. No grand staircases or towering magnificent sculptures here. Just a small pavilion – perhaps five by five metres – slate tiled and thatched roof. But that view. Oh, that view. Perched on the highest point of a hill overlooking Koh Samui’s secluded Laem Yai Bay, adjectives like stunning and spectacular are not enough to do it justice. The intent is to excite; to offer guests a preview of lushness that will be their sanctuary while at the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui.

In the northweast corner of Koh Samui, the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui occupies the entire side of a hill overlooking a private bay

The resort, occupying one entire side of the hill, may prove a challenge to those who prefer navigating by foot. Arteries of steep, narrow paths connect the 60 villas (and 11 private residences), twisting, turning and undulating among landscaped foliage and 856 coconut trees left over from the days when the site was a coconut farm. Unless a breathless cardio challenge sounds welcome, buggies will ferry guests from point to point – from tennis courts to all-day dining at hillside Koh Tai – without a sweat. A quick welcome orientation on wheels unveils tucked away recreation corners – from the Muay Thai boxing ring at the apex of the hill to yoga salas dotted around – before guests are introduced properly to their villas.

For a Bill Bensley property, the design feels quite restrained. Eschewing overt ornateness or wild colours, the rooms (from THB 31,500/RM3,945 per night) adhere to an almost Mediterranean vibe – crisp whites and soothing beiges trimmed dramatically with dark wood, with an Aegean palette of sunny blues and marine turquoise breathing character into each villa. Designed to fit (not disrupt) the natural curves of land, this has the added advantage of giving every pool – because each villa has one of its own – an uninterrupted view of the sea. It’s a sight to treasure, especially after a serene night of sleep on a bed customised using the resort’s pillow and mattress menu.

As convenient as the villa pool is, this is an island, and the beach at the Four Seasons is worth making a beeline for. With waters calm enough to paddleboard on and dotted with inviting overwater hammocks, one can bask in the sun for hours or schedule a trip with the resident marine biologist to snorkel and explore the resort’s rehabilitated reef. The cerulean-and-viridian colour story repeats here, infused everywhere from the beach towels to the crockery at beach restaurant Pla Pla (which means ‘many fish’ in Thai) just beyond the sand. In the evening, the beachside pool gleams with emerald shades as diners settle down to Latin American flavours served up at CoCoRum. To take the Caribbean theme one step further, guests can also step through a rescued prison door into the resort’s snug Rum Vault – the first rum library in Asia – curated and contributed to by guests, including some rums distilled in Samui itself.

Over the many trips up and down the hill, one building will be passed many times. Occupying a central location where all paths meet is the Spa. With indoor and outdoor treatment areas, coconut once again takes the spotlight here – from scrumptious edible shavings in the welcome area to the signature Kala Coconut treatment, where smoothened coconut shells and coconut oil is used to rub aches and pains away. That is the order of the day here. Because no one should leave the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui with any pangs, as even a single evening here conspires to instill rejuvenation. The only pain that one could conceivably feel is the ache of inevitably having to depart this sunny little haven on a hill.

Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui


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