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Remy Martin Showcases the Sublime Carte Blanche Merpins Cellar Special Edition

House Quintessence

“Today, cognac is one of the trendiest spirits," said Thierry Arnold, Brand Ambassador for Remy Martin. “The young generation is drinking more and more. Two-thirds of our cognac drinkers are below 45." It is also getting more common for cognac to be taken during the meal, as opposed to as a digestif. To that end, Arnold hosted an exclusive luncheon at The Brasserie, St Regis Kuala Lumpur, to showcase the versatility of the Remy Martin cognac range.

Each course was accompanied by a different spirit that revealed its possibilities. The lobster ceviche and its calamansi, grapefruit and pomegranate vinaigrette were offset by the VSOP’s fresh fruit flavours. The toasty notes found in the Club were a fine counterpoint to the oiliness of the smoked sea trout. The opulent fruit and spice of XO cut through the strong, gamey flavours of the duck magret.

But the afternoon’s guests were all eagerly awaiting the dessert, for that is when something truly special was revealed: the Remy Martin Carte Blanche Merpins Cellar Edition by Baptiste Loiseau (RM1,999). Cellar master Baptiste Loiseau was given free reign to create any cognac he wished, with but one directive: to reveal the quintessence of Remy Martin. He chose a single exceptional vat from the Merpins cellar, with an eaux-de-vie blend of at least 27 years old. The final yield is limited to 9,650 bottles worldwide; once exhausted, never to be reproduced.

The reasons for his choice are apparent at first sip. This Carte Blanche displays a richness and deep complexity rarely found in a cognac, yet never yields its refined elegance. A light spiciness of cinnamon and cloves gives way to a remarkably long and rounded finish. It leaves no doubt in the drinker’s mind that this is a rare treasure from the House of Remy Martin. 

Remy Martin

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Published September 24, 2018