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The Grand Hotel Stockholm’s Princess Lilian Suite is Truly Fit for Royalty

The winner takes it all

Even with its reputation for groundbreaking contemporary design, neo-Nordic cuisine and cutting-edge fashion, there are traditions that Sweden proudly adheres to – most notably, the annual Nobel Prize awards. This December, the 143-year-old Grand Hotel Stockholm – an iconic landmark on the city’s waterfront – will welcome royalty, heads of state, artists, and Nobel Prize laureates and their families, as it has done since 1901.

Its refurbished Princess Lilian suite, located on the top floor of the adjoining Burmanska Palace (which dates back to 1871) is the perfect address from which you can bear witness to some of the world’s  greatest achievements. Two bedrooms, a sitting room, a library, a kitchen, a spa area and an in-suite cinema make up this 360sqm retreat (from SKr80,000/RM42,800 per night), which boasts panoramic views of Stockholm.

Interior designer Sanna Nathanson has worked her magic with a refined colour palate of grey – blue, cream and gold. Although the Princess Lilian Suite is a picture-perfect example of contemporary Scandinavian style, it doesn’t shy away from luxury. The spacious living room and well-equipped kitchen make hosting a dinner for 12 people a breeze, while a fully-stocked bar trolley and grand piano lend themselves ever so well to a merry cocktail hour.

Not only is the spa section fitted with new exercise equipment, there’s also a tranquil relaxation zone that includes a deep mosaic soaking tub, massage and waterfall showers, and a steam or dry sauna.

Residents won’t have to travel far to explore the city – after all, Grand Hotel sits next to the National Museum, and the Old Town and Royal Palace opposite are visible from the Suite’s two terraces. Nevertheless, a personal butler service and access to the hotel’s fleet of limousines will help guide you through Stockholm.

Perhaps the most memorable adventures you’ll have will be in Grand Hotel itself: its historic interiors, such as its Spegelsalen or Hall of Mirrors ballroom, have been recognised as national treasures. Its famous Nordic Spa introduces spa-goers to the pleasures of pine-scented saunas and dipping into a beautiful, late-summer warm pool, surrounded by granite from Grythyttan and Rauk stones from Gotland. A marvellous respite from the fierce winter winds outside, the Nordic bathing ritual is not to be missed, and well worth walking downstairs in your bathrobe for – even if you’ve just received a Nobel Prize.

Grand Hotel Stokcholm

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Published October 10, 2018