Fly Through the Air with the Greatest of Ease on the Hoversurf Hoverbike

Up, up, up

If you’re a fan of two wheels on terra firma, a flying car might not scratch your particular itch. But don’t worry; your perfect personal flier is now is ready. HoverSurf, a start-up tech company based in San Jose, California, has designed a flying machine called the Hoverbike that looks like the love child of a drone and an ATV — and they are taking deposits now. For a US$10,000 (RM41,500) downpayment , the company estimates delivery within six months. The full cost? US$150,000 (RM611,500).

Classified as an Ultralight under FAA rules – covering small aircraft that can carry only one person, is intended only for recreation, weighing less than 115kg, and flies no faster than 191kph – HoverSurf designed its bike to conform to these requirement, and in the process ensuring that no pilot’s certificate or medical exam is needed.

HoverSurf says its electric-powered Ultralight will fly at more than 65 kph, and has a range of up to 21km. A carbon-fibre frame supports four propellers. The pilot is assisted by a flight computer that helps provide stability during takeoff and landing. Two leather-covered joysticks control the aircraft. Flights can last up to 25 minutes — then it takes about two and a half hours to recharge the batteries.

However, the caveat is that the Hoverbike is also meant for use in situations where the pilot may not hurt anyone other than themselves. So if you’re thinking this would be a great way to commute from your condo to Starbucks and then to work downtown, the Hoverbike might not be the right fit for you — but if it’s your dream to fly above a deserted beach on your weekend off and those spinning props in close proximity to body parts don’t worry you, you have a new option.


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