How Nicolai Bergmann Went From Floral Designer to Jewellery Designer

Nicolai Bergmann

Nature’s Gems

Nicolai Bergmann has a superstar following in Japan thanks to his unconventional artistic creations that meld Scandinavian aesthetics with Japanese sensitivity to details.

Since moving to Japan in 1998 and opening his first shop in 2001, the 41-year-old has built an empire of 11 flower boutiques throughout Japan and one in South Korea, a floristry school, Summerbird organic chocolate shop, Nomu Cafe and an interior design business. He has also published three books, holds flower exhibitions regularly and was appointed goodwill ambassador for relations between Denmark and Japan by the Royal Danish Embassy this year.

Now he’s turning his hand to the art of personal adornment with the introduction of his fine jewellery brand marrying East and West.

In a Nordic-inspired setting in the Minami-Aoyama area of Tokyo, Natur & Nicolai Bergmann comes in three ranges – casual, bridal and fine jewellery — at varying price points (from JP¥20,000 to JP¥850,000, RM735 to RM31400).

Four years ago, Bergmann had already begun experimenting with flowers, cutting them up to see what was inside and on their under sides, chopping off leaves and turning them upside down. He discovered new colours, shapes and minuscule aspects like patterns, textures and curves, which appear in his jewels.

“When flower artist Nicolai Bergmann makes jewellery, everybody expects flowers, but I didn’t want to begin with flowers,” he says. “I wanted to show what I was inspired by when I came to Japan, which was branches, leaves, berries and things that I’d never seen before. It’s all focused on the stage before the flowers bloom.”

The casual collection in sterling silver takes the form of budding magnolia blossoms, water lily leaves and allium flowers. Here, you’ll find stackable rings, earrings and charm bracelets.

The bridal line of platinum engagement rings and wedding bands adopts the names of some of Bergmann’s favourite flowers: hydrangea, eucalypti and tulips.

The fine jewellery collection in 18k gold, pearls and diamonds is divided into Twist and Petals. Twist echoes the spiralling shapes found in nature, while Petals reveals the hidden side of a flower, getting to the heart that no one sees. Highlights include the Twist bangle showing the movement of branches or roots, the Petals necklace unveiling a pendant paved with diamonds and the Magnolia ring featuring a small bud on the verge of opening.

Natur & Nicolai Bergmann

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