Why Degussa is No Ordinary Precious Metals Retailer


All That Glitters

If you’re after the shinier things in life, then precious metals retailer Degussa has you covered.

Not only does precious metals retailer Degussa proffer a wide variety of precious metal bars (gold, silver, ruthenium, iridium and platinum), it also offers writing sets, jewellery, timepieces and tableware for sale.

In addition, Degussa offers a buy-back service for used gold and silver products (bars, tableware, coins) and storage services in secure safe deposit boxes. All these products and services are now available at its first Asian office in Singapore. A recent addition to the 16 other branches worldwide, Degussa’s Orchard Road branch joins others in Germany, England, Spain and Switzerland.

Degussa’s products are also available through its online store, with items including precious metals bars and coins, jewellery in the form of pendants, and sculptures crafted from silver.

The best thing about this precious metals retailer is its people, who know just about every aspect of the industry, and what they don’t know about gold (plus other precious metals, of course) probably isn’t worth knowing.


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