Exploring the Sea is a Breeze in the New Damen Power Play Yacht

luxury yacht

The Power play is a luxury yacht designed for adventure, and the adventurer

Released in June this year, Damen’s new Power Play is more than just a support vessel that carries tenders, toys and extra provisions. The 182-footer (about 55 metres) is actually more of a hybrid between a shadow boat and primary yacht, with three large staterooms, a main-deck saloon, and a rear deck for guests.

The sixth of Damen’s YS-5009 series, its sister ships include Ad-Vantage, Axis and Shadow, and like those yachts, Power Play has been configured for adventure.  It can be used for long-distance journeys as a standalone yacht or as a support vessel for extra crew or security.

Before this collection, shadow boats tended to be refitted commercial vessels configured for carrying the owner’s toys and tenders. Damen’s idea of adding luxurious accommodations, along with the ability to carry personal submarines or aircraft, has created a new type of yacht. Think high-end boat for Jacques Cousteau, designed for an active yachts person who wants to explore.

“It’s not conventional thinking about luxury yachting,” says Mark Vermeulen, Damen’s product director. “Our clients have fantastic ideas for diving, aircraft, luxury toys and serious boats. They are planning adventures of a lifetime.”

These vessels also tend to have backup systems for the engines and other critical functions because they will often be hundreds of kilometres offshore, out of touch for weeks. Power Play has new features like a 55.7-metre Adventure Centre that allows the owners to configure the special area into a beach club or dive centre.

Damen also gave the boat the ability to operate in zero-discharge zones like marine sanctuaries. Power Play has a 13-ton deck crane, with A-frame fittings for launching large equipment like personal subs. Designed like a support vessel for running in rough seas, it reaches a top end of 20 knots.


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