The Maybach Name Reappears, and Mercedes is Taking it Right to the Top

Magnates and Moguls

No longer a standalone badge, the new Maybach S 560 (from RM1.4 million), is the ultra-luxe S-Class sitting at the pinnacle of Mercedes’ limousine range. It is a palatial vehicle, offering hot-stone-style massaging recliners and ‘Air Balance’ signature scents. This car drives with a stoic confidence, changing lanes at the tap of a turn-signal.

To maintain security convoy speeds, selecting the Drive Pilot mode enables the Maybach to autonomously break away and accelerate to keep up with the car in front up to speeds of 200km/h. The S 560 is a 4.0- litre turbocharged V8, while the S 650 is a massive 6.0-litre V12, ensuring instantaneous power right across the rev-range.

This model is packed to the brim with tech such as Magic Body Control and Road Surface Scan – which exerts individual wheel damping on the fly – while other notable features include Magic Sky Control for roof glass opacity and a 27-speaker Burmester with realistic live concert audio.


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