Alila Wuzhen is a Space that’s Dedicated to Your Peace of Mind

Experience old town charm and tranquility with modern facilities designed for your every comfort

Just an hour’s drive from Hangzhou, China, or an hour an a half from bustling Shanghai is the newly opened Alila Wuzhen, a modern interpretation of the famous 1,300 year-old Wuzhen Water Town, just a stone’s throw away.

Visitors can now flock to the resort to get away from the city noise and enjoy the minimalist aesthetics of heritage architecture inspired by the town. Meticulously designed to reflect the charm of the old town, Alila Wuzhen’s make-up is a reimagination of its look and feel, from street lanes to courtyards, guests are transported through time to a place untouched by project deadlines and corporate meetings.

‘The Maze’ at Alila Wuzhen comprises well-proportioned spaces full of twists and turns, reminiscent of classic villages, with its own modern waterways that correspond to the water town of Wuzhen, as well as the water system of Hangjia Lake Plain. This sense of peace continues in its 125 suites, villas and pool villas where the priority is focused on the modern comforts of its guests.

There’s also a stunning indoor pool inspired by the Arabian Alhambra’s starry bathroom where sunlight casts beautiful patterns onto its roof. The main public spaces are gathered around a central water courtyard with water features dissecting indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the resort, while also maintaining the continuity of the buildings, just like the traditional villages of old.

Guests can also experience the actual town of Wuzhen with walking tours that will take visitors to the ancient Grand Canal, the famed Wine Distillery and Indigo Fabric Workshop. This is an excursion that will leave guests feeling a little nostalgic, even if they haven’t lived in an old town in China before. For those who want a little more noise to balance out the tranquil surroundings, the resort also offers a package that will let guests test drive the NIO ES8, China’s version of the Tesla.

When tummies are rumbling louder than a revved-up engine, there are restaurants to explore, and quite a variety too. Shui Shi Kou features Western and Asian cuisine and Si Shui serves up Cantonese and local Wuzhen delicacies. Between the main meals, there is Sai Bai, a Day & Night Bar that serves a traditional afternoon tea and an extensive choice of local San Bai Wine and Whisky.

If it is panacea for your work woes you need, then the remedy is quite simple; you just need a stay at this resort.

Alila Wuzhen

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