These 5 Eco-friendly Hotels will Pamper You While Saving the Planet

eco-friendly hotel

We want it all, to save the planet and have a wonderfully relaxing holiday. Thank goodness there are eco-friendly hotels that will give you a holiday to remember while protecting the environment.

You don’t need to wait until Earth Day to realise the importance of finding harmony with people and the planet, as it should be ingrained in all of us. To show our appreciation for Mother Earth and the omnipotent presence she holds, we’ve rounded up five eco-resorts and villas in some of the most remote and magnificent locales around the world. For example, consider spending a vacation at the tropical French Polynesian resort the Brando, whose innovative technology uses ocean-water extraction to power the AC units. For a jaunt off the coast of Madagascar (accessed only by helicopter), you will be greeted with eco-friendly, earth-sheltered villas along a secluded beach.

Get ready to deepen your connection to the elements by planning your next expedition to a sustainability-minded property, perfect for you and the earth.

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